Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween 2006

Around this time of year, I see tons of beautiful pumpkins at the supermarket. Most of them are being purchased so they can be marked, gutted and then set on fire inside, all for the sake of Halloween. Sigh. So I say, save a pumpkin from the humiliation of a life as a jack-o-lantern. Let the pumpkin be what it is--an autumnal squash that provides a beautiful base for dishes such as my pumpkin risotto dish below. This dish celebrates fall with the added woodiness of wild mushrooms. Now, pumpkin risotto actually doesn't taste like what you might think of when you hear pumpkin. All the spices added to pumpkin pie has made everyone associate that taste with anything pumpkin. Pumpkin by itself is pretty bland, but I just love the color and texture and if picked right, a nice subtle flavor. Besides mushrooms, you can also top it with strips of prosciutto instead. Just don't set it on fire! :)

For more ideas on what to do with pumpkin, see this recent article in the Los Angeles Times. (You may need to register to read their online stories.)


Anonymous said...

I was thinking the exact samething all day today. I almost liberated some pumpkins from stoops as I walked by them today.

Single Guy Ben said...

Yes, let's start a revolution! :)