Monday, October 09, 2006

Ode to the Roasted Bell Pepper

I traveled to Rome a long time ago and went into a cuccina for dinner alone. I was intimidated by the Italian names for the dishes and didn't know what I was ordering. But under the salads, I recognized red bell pepper. I love red bell peppers and thought this would be a done deal. The dish came and all I saw were these slimy, limp things that looked like red slugs. No greens, no cheese, just roasted tender red bell pepper and olive oil. It was cold and bland. But I fell in love with the texture of roasted red bell pepper ever since. The simple pepper salad made me think about how salads are being redefined. They no longer have to have lettuce or other greens. Salads can be anything with a vegetable as a starter. Below is my interpretation of a roasted red bell pepper salad, with a few more ingredients to complement the bell pepper. Buon appetito!

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