Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Brilliant Pomegranate

I get excited when I see these big red globes at the farmers' markets and grocery stores. One of my favorite fruits of the fall, pomegranates have this brilliant color that is so ruby red, I really think of them as jewels. It's one of my favorites to photograph, and it's one of those ingredients that seem very exotic. I mean, just think of everytime you hear pomegranate on the menu of a restaurant, don't you just think it'll be such a luxurious dish? The pomegranate is such an ancient fruit, some now believe it was the fruit Eve offered up to Adam as temptation in the Garden of Eden instead of the apple. I agree because I would be so tempted by a pomegranate than an apple. Check out my recipe below for a pomegranate-glazed pork and watch my video on how to get the seeds from this beautiful fruit. Catch them while they're still in season. They're not around too long.

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