Monday, October 09, 2006

Roasted Red Bell Pepper, Asparagus and Anchovy Salad

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1 red bell pepper
5 asparagus spears
5 anchovy fillets
2 oz. goat cheese
3 T extra virgin olive oil
2 t sugar
1 t Ponzu sauce*
2 t lemon zest
juice from one lemon
pinch of salt

Roast bell pepper under broiler until all sides are blackened. Place it in a bowl and cover with wrap to create an air-tight seal. Let sit for 10 minutes. Then remove skin and seeds, and slice into strips.

Snap and discard ends of asparagus and blanch the asparagus in pot of boiling water for 30 seconds. Transfer to bowl of cold water. Towel dry and cut off tops and place in bowl with red bell pepper. Using a peeler, cut long thin strips of asparagus. Place strips in bowl and add anchovies.

In a small mixing bowl, combine olive oil, lemon juice, lemon zest, sugar, salt and ponzu sauce. Drizzle in bowl with the ingredients and lightly toss. Crumble goat cheese over ingredients. Plate and serve.

Makes one serving. Good as starter salad or appetizer.

Pair with glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

* Ponzu sauce is a Japanese citrus soy sauce. It's optional if you can’t find it in the Asian section of your grocery store.

TIPS: Some of the best anchovies come from Spain. You can buy anchovy fillets in 2 oz.-cans, but will only end up using about 5 fillets. Save the rest for another salad or ground it with some dijon mustard and olive oil to create a creamy dressing for some mixed greens.

SLICE AWAY: For the asparagus, you might get frustrated trying to peel the thin slices as you get down to the last few slices of the asparagus spears. (Your peeler’s handle will keep hitting the board and won’t let you go any further.) For easy maneuvering, place your cutting board near the edge of your sink and then place the asparagus flat near the edge of your board. With the handle of your peeler over the sink, press down and start peeling away. Having the handle in the open area of the sink gives you more room to press down—getting as many flat strips as possible.

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