Friday, October 06, 2006

Honey Mustard-Glazed Salmon

Copyright 2006 by Cooking With The Single Guy


2 pieces of salmon fillets (about 6 oz. each, and 1” thick)
2 T honey
2 T Dijon mustard
1 T fresh sage, finely chopped
1 T extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Sprinkle salt and pepper over your salmon. Place in medium roasting pan or baking dish. Mix honey, mustard, olive oil and sage in a small bowl and then drizzle over salmon to coat. Use a brush to make sure you also get some of the marinade onto the sides of the fillets. Place in oven and cook for about 10 minutes. Then place under the broiler for another 2-3 minutes for a nice browning effect on the top.

Makes two servings. Serve with garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal greens.

Pair with a white wine like a Chardonnay or Fume Blanc.

TIPS: The nice thing about salmon is that it’s hard to dry it out because the fish has so much fatty oil. But you still don’t want to overcook it. Fish takes an average 10 minutes to cook, but you may need to add 3 to 5 minutes to your cook time if you have a thick fillet.

TASTES LIKE CHICKEN: This glaze also works great with chicken breast fillets. Follow the same instructions to make the glaze but cook in the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes, depending on the thickness of your chicken breast.


Anonymous said...

do you wrap it in foil to bake in the oven? or leave it open?

Single Guy Ben said...

I actually leave it open and don't wrap it. Salmon has so much oil that I don't really worry about it drying out like other fish. Also, when I leave it open, this can help make the mustard-honey glaze brown a bit to make a nice crust part. (To sometimes make it even more brown, I place it under the broiler in the last couple of minutes of cooking.)