Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What's in my frig?

Just the other day I realized I had not one, not two, but three jars of mustards in my refrigerator. Yep, I love mustards and use it often for cooking or as its main purpose as a condiment. You should always have a jar of dijon mustard in your refrigerator for cooking purposes. I often use dijon mustard as a binder for my salad vinagrettes or as a glaze. Because I'm mostly using it for cooking, I buy the generic brand at the local grocery story. I also love mustard with horseradish. I love the kick you get, and often mustard with horseradish also is combined with honey. So it's a nice sweet-spicey combo. I generally save these for sandwiches or for a fancy potato salad with a kick. And I always can't resist trying a mustard that has wasabi, the Japanese version of horseradish used for sushi. Unfortunately, I have to say that I have tried several brands (including the one currently in my frig from Napa Valley Harvest), and still am not impressed with the taste. For some reason, the wasabi doesn't hold well with mustard, and sometimes it creates a more greenish color than yellow. Hate to say it, it looks like puke. Sorry. If any of you have found a great-tasting brand of wasabi mustard, please let me know! For now, I'm sticking with the horseradish honey mustard. Yum.

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