Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Best Deal in Town: Banh mi

After doing a review of 'wichcraft's $9.50 sandwiches, it made me get a craving for one of my favorite cheap eats, the Vietnamese sandwich called banh mi. The banh mi is a crusty French roll filled with meat, pickled vegetables (my favorite part) such as daikon and carrots, jalapeno slices (optional), honey mayonnaise and cilantro. The combination is divine. But what really gets me is the price: they typically sell for $2.50 at many Vietnamese sandwich shops. Living on the East Bay, my favorite spot is the well-known Cam Huong in Oakland Chinatown. Cam Huong became so popular, it opened a second location on International Highway. (Actual address is 930 Webster in Chinatown and 702 International Blvd.) In San Francisco, the standard is Saigon Sandwich Shop at 560 Larkin St. in the Tenderloin. Now, I consistently get the chicken banh mi because it's the most value. The roasted pork, to me, is a bit too dry and I'm not a big pate fan. One friend likes the curry chicken and sometimes try the salmon. I say, why stray from perfection. The chicken is meaty and tasty, so it's my regular. Yum.

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