Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Travel Market: Vancouver, B.C.

I was cleaning out the files on my computer and ran across these photos from a trip awhile back to Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada. I love visiting farmers' markets in other countries, because you get to see fresh produce of the region, some I've never seen before. The most famous market in Vancouver is the Granville Island Public Market, open seven days a week in a cute island in the center of the city. You have to cross a bridge to get to the island and basically the main attraction is the market. (By the way, Vancouver is one of the most fun destination for a vacation, with beautiful sights and a young hip vibe.)

The Public Market had a variety of vendors selling all sorts of cooked foods, including this bakery with some Italian-influenced items.

There was this vendor who had a whole wall, it seemed, of fresh pasta. They had all sorts of amazing ingredients stuffed into their pasta. Yum.
Some of the most amazing cherries were at the produce stands, which were at the center of the indoor market. They looked so perfect! They almost looked like chocolate covered cherries, but they weren't. They were all fresh.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I noticed the comment you left on Bay Area Bites and wanted to check out your blog. Welcome to the club!

I've been meaning to do a post with all my Granville photos as well. We visited this Summer during the jazz fest and had a great time. Hot pasties and maple cream ale...yum! Can't wait to go back for another visit.

Single Guy Ben said...

Thanks kung foodie. What's your blog? Would be great to see your photos too!