Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cold Weather Curry

It's been oddly cold in the San Francisco Bay Area lately and that gets me wanting some comfort food. (No wonder people gain a few extra winter weight!) A quick and easy recipe I make on the weeknights that's perfect for the cold weather is chicken curry. Growing up in Hawaii, the curry is often just beef, potatoes and carrots. It comes in a golden hue and doesn't typically include coconut milk (which is fine with me because I'm not a big fan of the richness AND the fat of coconut milk). To create my own "local-style" curry, I use chicken because it's healthier than red meat, and I've spiced it up by mixing my potatoes, using sweet and regular russet potatoes. I think the sweet potato adds a nice sweetness to counter the spice of the curry. Also, eating two sweet potatoes a week can help you fight skin cancer, so I always try to work in sweet potatoes in my recipes wherever I can. What I also like about making a pot of curry is that it's easy to warm up as leftovers, so I've got dinner set for at least three nights!

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