Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Phyllo Is So Flakey

Ever have those flakey friends who always say they’ll meet you at a certain time and then think it’s an hour later? Worst yet, not even show up? But with Phyllo, I count on the flakey-ness. In fact, I demand it.

Working with my friend Phyllo the Dough can be tricky. He’s very sensitive so I have to handle him with kit gloves. After defrosting his cold demeanor, I have to gently unfold each layer of his complicated psyche and then butter him up a lot so that he’s not only flakey, but crispy. Mmmm, now that’s a good friend.

My friend Phyllo the Dough recently helped me put together a nice quick dinner with my other friend, Salmon. As you can see in the recipe below, it’s just a matter of handling Phyllo and then putting together a few ingredients and voila, dinner. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

You have so much patience! Sometimes I have a hard time dealing with his dry sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

One of my cooking goals this year was to befriend Phyllo the Dough. But I admit, your other friend Salmon and I do not get along at all so I probably won't invite Phyllo the Dough and Salmon to the same meal.

Single Guy Ben said...

LOL, Doug, that's funny.

Mrs. L, hey, I also have another friend, New York Sirloin. Yum.