Friday, October 05, 2007

Get Figgy With It

It's fig season and this is one of those food product that's fun to eat and, for me, photograph! You can rarely take a bad fig photo. They're soooo seductive. Anywho, after I was done striking a pose with my figs, I cooked them with duck because that's such a classic pairing. I basically braised some duck legs with the figs and some broth and wine. The fig was so delish, almost like a compote with my tender duck legs. Of course, I paired it with a bottle of French red wine I bought awhile back at Kermit Lynch Wine Merchants. Don't forget that when shopping for figs, the mushier the tastier. Better yet, get them from a neighbor's yard. They'll be happy to have you take the figs off their hands since they don't keep long. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I'd never had a fresh fig until cooking school a couple weeks ago where the owner took us in the backyard to her fig trees and we had figs right off the tree. Amazing stuff. I'm hooked on figs now!

Anonymous said...

sigh...I miss my fig tree. Our fig post was the first one we did together-can't believe that was a year ago. Happy Anniversary!
chez stella

Single Guy Ben said...

I know Stella. I could get free figs if you were still here! Now I have to pay $4 a pint at the farmers' market. :(