Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bomboloni Part Deux: Raspberry and Chocolate

I'm still eating my way through the four flavors of my new favorite pastry treat: the bomboloni at Boriana's Corner at the Ferry Building Plaza in San Francisco. It's this Italian doughnut that doesn't have a hole but is filled with a nice treat, pretty much like a jelly doughnut. I've already had the custard, which I love. In the last few weeks, I've also tried the raspberry (above) and the chocolate (below), which they call cioccolato.

The raspberry was nice, but it actually just tasted like a jelly doughnut. There wasn't as much filling as the custard, but maybe it's because raspberry can be tart and you don't want too much of that. The chocolate was better. It tasted like bitter chocolate, with a thick texture, not as creamy as the custard. Chocolate-lovers will probably like this more than the custard, but I have to say the custard is still my all-time favorite. It has a lot of filling and it's so creamy and tasty. If you like custard like me, you'll be going on and on about it too!

So all that's left for me is the Nutella flavor and I would have tried all the bombolonis for sale at Boriana's Corner (they're the store on the south end of the Plaza close to Sur La Table). Just a reminder, the custard and raspberry sells for $2.50 each and the chocolate and Nutella sells for $2.75 each. It's worth trying just for the unique treat, and of course you know I'm still recommending the custard first!

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barbie2be said...

these look yummy. last weekend we had the italian family festa here in willow glen (san jose) and i think i ate a truck load of sfingi! sooooo yummy!