Monday, February 05, 2007

Postscript Saigon: What's in my frig?

One of the things I stuffed into my suitcase and brought back from Vietnam last month were a couple of bottles of this sour chili sauce. In several eating establishments I visited, this squeeze bottle of chili sauce could be found on the table. It's not very spicy and reminds me of ketchup. It's not as sour as the name hints, but is more tangy and so fun to drizzle over fish dishes, especially. I don't know if this can be found in the San Francisco Bay Area; I never paid attention to hot sauces in the aisles of the Asian grocery stores. If any of you know if this sour chili sauce from Vietnam is for sale here, let me know where. I want to know how slowly I have to savor the two bottles I brought back with me. ;-)

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