Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bite Me

Notice the silence? No talk about romantic meals. Or going on and on about the perfect chocolate gift for your honey. Need I state the obvious? This blog is called Cooking With The Single Guy. True, I could be single and still be in a relationship. But I'm not. And yes, this is the Internet so I could lie like others and tell a story about how I've had a partner for more than 10 years and this is how I celebrate Valentine's Day with him every year, blah blah blah. But pretending you have a boyfriend is more pathetic than the reality that you don't. So on this day, when bouquets of flowers cost triple digits and if you don't have restaurant reservations you're screwed, I want to wish all the other single people out there much love. And if I did celebrate Valentine's, I would love a cute cupcake like the one pictured above from Teacake Bake Shop at the Bay Street Mall in Emeryville. I think their cupcakes are so chic and I love the general design of the store. (Although, I do feel the bakery used to have a lot more flavors when it first opened, but now they only have the vanilla and chocolate varieties and that's it. Still, soooo cute!) I like cupcakes because they allow me to taste cake and frosting without the temptation of eating a whole cake. So Mr. Cupcake, will you be mines? :)

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