Saturday, February 24, 2007

For Your Consideration: Babel

Here's my final post for planning that Oscar bash and I end it on a sweet note. (I mean the food is sweet, not the movie.) :) I looked at theme-food based on the five nominated movies for Best Picture and today we end with Babel, the 2007 version of Crash with an international spin.

Babel is my bet to take the Best Picture award, despite it's similar themes of race and prejudice with Crash. Still, I felt the movie is far superior than Crash, provoking more challenging inner issues set against current worldly fears. Above is a scene with one of the ensemble cast, Brad Pitt, who I felt should have been nominated for his role. It was a really different Pitt in this movie. Above, he breaks down silently as he talks to his young son back home in California who doesn't know that his mommy has just been shot and had to ordeal hours in a small Middle East village until finally getting help.

Inspired by Babel and the story line where Brad Pitt's nanny travels with the kids to Mexico for her son's wedding, below is a recipe for traditional Mexican Wedding Cakes or polvorones. These cakes (more like cookies) are so easy to make. It's also similar to what I knew growing up as Russian tea cakes. There were a variety of recipes on the Web, but I've found that many recipes on the Epicurious Web site seems to work well, so that's what I've posted below (with a few minor tweaks from me). Have a fun Oscar party!

Photos courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

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