Friday, February 23, 2007

For Your Consideration: The Queen

Today's Oscar post features the elegant and quietly effective "The Queen." This movie focuses on the changing image of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II as she deals with the public-private death of Princess Diana.

The film features the uncanny performance by presumptive Best Actress Helen Mirren. She may not have looked like the spitting image of Queen Elizabeth, but her mannerisms and projected image were spot on. Sometimes watching the movie I forgot it was an actress and actually felt I was watching the queen in action.

During the film, the queen gets upset whenever the new prime minister Tony Blair calls to bug her about something to do regarding Diana. Undoubtedly, it's during the time when she's ready to sit down for tea, that grand English afternoon tradition. So below I've put together two types of finger sandwiches that can be served at your Oscar party, for The Queen.

Photos courtesy of Miramax Films.

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