Thursday, January 11, 2007

What's in my frig?

I always have in my frig a pitcher of freshly brewed iced tea. I make my iced tea from premium loose leaf tea and then add half a cup of sugar. By doing this, I'm in control of how much sugar is in my beverage and I know there are no other extra preservatives. But mostly, I love having a glass of iced tea with dinner and taste the depth of flavors in the tea of the week. My favorite is Earl Grey with Blue Flowers that I get from the T Salon in New York City (yes, I have them shipped in because they're just that good) but currently I'm drinking a special tropical brew from Lupicia tea.

And another tip: It's nice to have my glass of tea with a slice of lemon. But I always thought it was a waste to cut a lemon just for a slice and then the rest of the lemon dries out. I was talking about this a few years ago with a coworker in New York and she had the genius suggestion of cutting up the lemon and then keeping it in a plastic bag or container. So I got myself a small plastic container from Target (pictured above on the bottom right) and the lemon stays moist for a week, just as long as it takes me to get through the pitcher of tea.

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