Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Following The Panda

So, I don't cook for myself day and night, 7 days a week. I'd be too tired if that happens. Especially when I'm out running errands, I have to grab a quick bite from somewhere. I'm going to be honest and reveal that one of the places I often go to is Panda Express, the fast-food Chinese franchise. I'm addicted to its Orange Flavored Chicken. Orange Chicken is actually a common Chinese dish that you might find in many restaurants. It's as common as Lemon Chicken, and done pretty much the same way where they deep fried chicken nuggets and coat them in an orange sauce. Below is my healthier version of Panda Express' Orange Flavored Chicken. It's healthier because I pan-fry instead of deep fry the chicken. I also use Japanese panko bread crumbs for a bit more crunch.

Celebrating Citrus
Speaking of oranges and other citrus, the San Francisco Ferry Building is placing the spotlight on everything citrus this Saturday during its regular farmers' market. There will be cooking demonstrations and other things related to cooking with citrus. It's still worth celebrating these bright fruits despite the hard hit the crops in California have received. I can't really vouch for how interesting the Ferry Building's program may be (the last time I went to its mushroom festival, it was a bust), but it might be fun to check out if you're in town. (Pictured above are satsumas. I think their color is so beautiful.)

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