Wednesday, January 24, 2007

If this works, there is a God on the Internet

I've been trying to connect to my blog from Saigon for the last two days. It hasn't been easy. The girl at the Internet cafe says all the country's Internet connection goes through one cable that connects through Taiwan. Ugh. Once I get a connection, then I have problems logging onto my blogger account. But enough Web whining.

So earlier this week I spent two days on the Mekong Delta, visiting two main cities: My Tho and Can Tho. It was amazing to see how the people live such a simple and carefree life. As I drifted on a boat down the river, I saw a guy swimming in the middle of the day and thought, hmm, what would it be like if we switched lives? I think that was a Meg Ryan movie, wasn't it?

The highlight was visiting the floating market, Cai Ran, in Can Tho, which is the largest city on the Delta in Vietnam. The floating markets are filled with boats of all sizes with people selling a variety of produce from pineapples to coconuts to your typical varieties of Asian greens.

Yesterday I got back to Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City and the highlight was taking a class from the Vietnam Cookery School. It was a half-day class where we learned three dishes and we ate what we cooked for lunch. I have to say, my dishes turned out pretty nice. And they were all simple to do. I'll be posting the recipes for what we made when I return, so look forward to learning how to make spring rolls, caramelized fish in clay pot, and sour fish soup.

OK, this might be my last post from Saigon. Tomorrow is my last day and I'd rather spend it exploring the rest of the city than waiting for a Web connection. So check back Sunday when I return and I restart my posts of recipes and food explorations, from Vietnam and back in the Bay Area. (Sigh, the Bay Area, how I miss home.)

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Anonymous said...

I am soooo jealous. I can't wait to read your next (post jet lag) blogs. I hope you'll take time to describe where you stayed and what you ate while on the Mekong Delta (as well as HCM City). I'm always fascinated by the differences betweeen major urban foods v. provincial foods/markets. Of course the recipes you bring back will be fun, and any reports on particlarly good (or bad) meals and snacks. Since you sigh while thinking about the Bay area, I assume you will actually make your flight, not simply decide to spend the rest of your days swimming in the river ;)

p.s. I expect a list of foodstuffs and impliments you brought back in your suitcase.