Monday, January 15, 2007

In the Kitchen: The Healthy Saute

When I lived in the dorms at Columbia University (I was getting my graduate degree, so I was a bit older at the time and surrounded by other older students; I note this so you don't think I was hanging with the beer-guzzling frat boys), I would make dinner for myself in the common area. I'd usually make some chicken dish for protein, and have it with a cup of broccoli. I'd quickly saute the broccoli, using a technique my sister taught me. I know everyone prepares vegetables differently and you're probably still doing it the same way your mom taught you. The way I was taught is actually a very healthy way to saute vegetables because it uses less oil or butter. A floor mate at my dorm commented once that my broccoli always looked so bright and fresh even after I cooked it, while hers always would turn a bit darker and looked tired. Anyway, I told her my technique and hopefully she's still preparing her broccoli the same way since. This video demonstration shows my quick saute technique for vegetables that uses less oil and keeps the brilliant color of whatever vegetable you're cooking.

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