Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Like You Need Another Reason to Dine Out

For the sixth year, a group of San Francisco restaurants are offering special prix fixe lunch and dinners this month as part of Dine About Town. The theory goes that January is a slow period for restaurants, coming off the busy holiday season. People are all dined out or they have very little discretionary funds after all that shopping for presents.

I doubt that's really the case. People still like the idea of dining out, even in the cold period of January. San Francisco is a bustling city, especially for after-work drinks, which often lead to weeknight dinners. So basically Dine About Town is a promotional campaign by the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau (and Visa, the corporate sponsor). I actually favor the dining out programs where a portion of the proceeds go to charitable causes such as past events benefiting AIDS programs or the fight against homelessness.

Still, I'm a big believer of supporting restaurateurs. It's a real cutthroat business and let's face it, we can be fussy eaters -- just read my Dish on Dining reviews ;-). So whenever you have the chance to try a meal at a restaurant you normally wouldn't go to, I say that's a good thing.

Dine About Town menus vary by restaurants. And some restaurants don't offer the special prie fixe menus every night. Check the Dine About Town listing and click on the specific restaurant for more information. And you have to make reservations before being able to take advantage of Dine About Town specials. (Geez, I'm getting tired typing in all this fine print for the Convention and Visitors Bureau. Where's my free lunch?)

The following are some of my suggestions for restaurants that might be worth a look. I can't vouch for their Dine About Town offerings, but they have a general positive buzz that make them restaurants to check out. Hurry, Dine About Town ends on Jan. 31.

Absinthe Brasserie & Bar
Acme Chophouse
Ana Mandara
Bix Restaurant
Campton Place
Cote Sud
Foreign Cinema
Lark Creek Steak
Le Colonial
Oola Restaurant & Lounge
PlumpJack Cafe
Rue Saint Jacques
Seasons at the Four Seasons
Universal Cafe
Washington Square Bar & Grill

Photo above courtesy of the San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau

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