Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summer at the Markets

Summer is just around the corner (officially it's here next week Thursday) and I'm starting to see a lot of summer vegetables and fruits at the markets. At the Temescal Farmers Market this morning, I saw two farmers selling these interesting looking squash. They call it "sunburst." Supposedly, they're really sweet. I just think they're cute.

And also at the market was broccoli rabe. I just thought it was interesting to see it because my friend David kept talking about it in his posts about eating in Italy. Broccoli rabe is like a weed in Italy, found all along the countryside, according to David. It's definitely a strong, leafy green. I also get broccoli rabe confused with broccotini, which I think actually looks more like a broccoli. But now I know how broccoli rabe looks like.

Coming Up This Week
Come back this week for many more food posts by me, including:
1) Continued recap of "The Next Food Network Star" (episode 2 will be posted Monday night).
2) It's getting hot, so time for ice cream. Read about my visit to Ici Ice Cream shop in Berkeley.
3) Dish on Dining this week will be a review of Two, the new restaurant on Hawthorne Lane in San Francisco.
4) And more recipes, including fresh summer grilled salmon with mango salsa and my adventures cooking a poussin.

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