Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I’ve been tagged—by a meme

I just got my first blogosphere tag (known as a “meme”) by The Passionate Eater. So I guess I’m supposed to blog about my “top 5 favorite places to eat in San Francisco.” This is tough because there are so many places to eat around the Bay Area that it’s very rare that I go to a restaurant again and again and again. There’s always something new to try.

And then of course, some of my best meals in San Francisco happened at places that I haven’t been to recently so I can’t say whether they would still be in my Top 5. (“The Fifth Floor” is a perfect example. I had a luxurious dinner there five years ago but it’s gotten a lot of mixed buzz and experienced a lot of kitchen changes lately.)

Anywho, here are my five, in no particular order. And no, I don’t have them speed-dialed into my mobile.

1) Limon, 524 Valencia St., 415.252.0918. In my current ceviche phase, I count this Peruvian restaurant among my favorites for its warm charm and fresh and tasty food. Yes, they fry a lot of things (which is why I stick with the ceviches) but they do it so well. Stylish neighborhood charm in the Mission District.

2) Foreign Cinema, 2534 Mission St., 415.648.7600. A classic where the rustic-but-sophisticated décor matches the food. Clean California-French cuisine is delivered in a beautiful ambiance, whether it’s at night with an old movie playing against the wall or a brightly lit open room for brunch.

3) Ebisu, 1283 Ninth Ave., 415.566.1770. People sometimes think this sushi master show gets a bit overdone and they try the latest, hottest sushi spot, but there’s a reason why this longtime sushi restaurant continues to draw them in. The fish is fresh and the rice is lovingly cooked to perfection.

4) Chez Papa, 1401 18th St., 415.824.8210. If you love being served by people with a foreign accent, especially a French one, then this charming neighborhood bistro is your place. Set in Potrero Hill, I’ve always had great meals at this tiny dining room. But I get more fun pretending I’m in France because virtually every server has an accent. I’m looking forward to a second Chez Papa that’s planned for the South of Market area.

5) Firefly, 4288 24th St., 415.821.7652. One of the first California restaurants to do Asian fusion right, I love this Noe Valley classic. It has a warm, cozy setting that makes you feel like you’re home. Then the cooking takes you to new places! It has a limited menu, but it always contains something interesting that reflects California’s abundance.

I have to say, even though this is my first meme tag, it pretty much ends here. I don’t really know too many other food bloggers that I would feel comfortable tagging. (I probably would have tagged you, PE.) So like the many chain letters I’ve broken in my life, this meme ends with me. Oh well. Check please!

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Passionate Eater said...

Thank you for sharing! My list seems low-end compared to your's! ;) I've actually only been to one of those places: Foreign Cinema. Similar to your experience with Fifth Floor, I too ate at Foreign Cinema about 5 years ago, so I can't say whether my meal is demonstrative of restaurant in general. I am definitely adding your favorites to my list of restaurants-to-try!