Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Chocolate + Cherries = Heaven

With summer just around the corner and more fresh fruits at the market, I’ve found that I’ve been doing a lot of dessert postings lately. The other day it was strawberries, and today it’s cherries. Remember the cherries I bought recently that weren’t too crunchy yet because it’s early in the season? Well, I thought chocolate might help it out. (Wouldn’t it be great if all life’s problems could just be solved by dipping them in chocolate? But then again, would you really eat a chocolate-covered Bush?) Most people dip strawberries, but I realized that cherries are more pretty encased in rich chocolate. And it comes with its own handle for dipping! So easy. Don’t they just look heavenly below? The only downside is you still have to deal with the pit. But you can't appreciate pleasure without having experienced the pits. ;-)

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