Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What's in my frig?

Lately a lot of my recipes keep saying to garnish with a sprig of cilantro. I actually love cilantro, but I have some friends who can't stand it. Cilantro is one of those food items (like onions, mayonnaise, and eggplant) that has two polarizing camps, for and against. I happen to be in the "for" camp when it comes to cilantro, known as Chinese parsley in Hawaii because it's used so often in Chinese cooking. But you can't eat it all at once, no matter how much you love it. So I keep it in my refrigerator, and some of you probably already know this trick: Keep your cilantro in a cup of water and then cover it with a plastic bag (not pictured). This way your bunch of cilantro will last a few weeks. You might want to trim the ends every few days and replace the water to keep it fresh.

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Anonymous said...

I'm in the "for" camp, but did not know about how to keep it fresh (I usually end up tossing any leftovers by the end of the week). Thanks.