Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Business Lunch: Sooo Ready For Somen

It is hot 'n herre. (Did I get that right? I'm so down with that.) Summer is coming early before Memorial Day around the Bay Area. And when it's hot, it's time for cold noodles. Somen salad is a popular dish growing up in Hawaii, where it's hot all the time. These thin Japanese rice noodles (just like angel hair pasta) make the dish feel light, and the crunchiness added with the Asian dressing makes this a tasty salad. It's also very simple to make for a work lunch, which is what I sometimes do. (I put the dressing in a separate tiny plastic container and mix it in before I chow down.) In Hawaii, somen salad is a popular pot luck item to bring to a picnic because it's refreshing and easy to make. So whether for work or a picnic, it's time for somen. So. Men. Get some. :)

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Anonymous said...

Good idea keeping the dressing seperate. I've seen some interesting tupperware with dressing vessels built in.