Friday, May 11, 2007

Mom's Favorite Dish

Sunday is Mother's Day (aren't you glad I reminded you!) and I thought I'd feature my mom's favorite dish that I make for her. Yep, my mom doesn't really like to cook, so she likes it when we cook for her. But I rarely do that since I live in California and she's in Hawaii. When I go home and visit, we're typically going out to eat. But I like to have one home-cooked meal on vacation and that means I end up having to do the cooking. So when that happens, my mom typically requests this recipe for Sticky Chicken. It's actually one of the first dishes I learned to make from my younger sister as we were growing up. It's really simple with very minimal ingredients, but what makes it different is the soy sauce reduction that turns into this caramelized sauce that, if done right, looks like your chicken is coated with cotton candy. My mom likes it for the sweet and sour taste. So what do you cook for your mom?

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