Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mustard Season in Napa

OK, so this post isn't really a food post, but it's indirectly so. Oh hell, it's just a nice photo, all right. As I mentioned earlier, I went to Napa Valley last weekend with my nephew who's visiting from Chicago on his spring break. One of the nice thing about visiting Napa around this time is it's mustard season. So certain places around the valley you'll see these burst of golden yellow with these fields inundated with mustard plants. Here in this field in Rutherford, a bunch of tourist waded into this mustard field to snap that classic Napa Valley photo during mustard season. But speaking of food, here's a classic mustard recipe from my archives. It's my quick and easy Honey Mustard Salmon. See, I did bring it back to food! :)


Anonymous said...

where in Rutherford can I get this shot? Closest winery? I want to take a similar pic.

Single Guy Ben said...

When heading up on Hwy 29 (the main artery to central Napa Valley), you'll see this spot on the right. It's sooo yellow that you can't miss it since it's right off of the main highway. You'll see people like today just getting out on the cars and walking into the field. Keep in mind that blossoms last just a few weeks, and I took this photo on March 11. My guess is that if you go now, it'll still be pretty nice, but might not be in a couple of weeks. This particular spot was just sound of the Oakville Grocery Store and north of Yountville. I remember that it was a bit north of Cakebread Cellars if you're familiar with that winery. Good luck!

Single Guy Ben said...

Edit: I mean just "south" of Oakville Grocery Store. :)