Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Business Lunch: Rice and Beans

Where I work, there aren't many options for lunch. So most days I bring my lunch from home. Not only do I save money, but I feel like I'm eating healthier than grabbing the overly salted chicken or greasy hamburgers around my office. This is a new feature I'm calling "Business Lunch" where I'll share some of my ideas for brown bagging at work.

Because I have a microwave at my office's break room, I have more flexibility in bringing in leftovers to warm up. This particular dish always gets people's noses sniffing whenever I cook this in the office. (Mostly because of the sausages.) I saw this recipe many years ago in a newspaper food section and over the years have altered it to add my favorite ingredients and dropping some of the frivolous parts. What I like about this recipe is you can chop up all the ingredients and basically dump them into your rice cooker. Then you get enough to last you about three days of lunches! It's a hearty dish with a savory touch. Have a nice lunch break!

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Douglas Cress said...

Like you, I rely on the microwave at my office. I'm afforded the luxury of a fridge as well (we work out of my boss' townhouse). But I too often find myself eating the same thing. I think some R & B would be a nice addition to the mix.