Thursday, March 22, 2007

What's in my frig?

Where do you keep your nori sheets for your sushi? Well, I actually keep it in my refrigerator instead of just in the pantry. Nori is the essential Japanese seaweed used to make sushi. I always have a packet in my refrigerator. The cold keeps it crisp and dry, which is good for nori. I also keep it in a plastic baggy as an extra protection, but this particular brand I have now (right) comes with its own air-tight opening. I can keep them in my frig for months!

This nori I have is actually a smaller version of the typical squares used for sushi rolls. This one is used mostly for hand rolls but I like to have them ready to make musubi, which are the rice balls the working class made as an easy lunch. I make them sometimes (using a musubi mold) for a snack. I'll do a demo one day. I'm mentioning the nori because I'm going to use it next week for a recipe. So stay tuned.

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