Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lenten Tofu

During this season of lent, Fridays can be a challenge trying to think of dishes to avoid eating meat. Most people go with fish (and yes, I do love a good salmon), but after awhile you might crave for something different. Tofu makes a nice alternative. I especially like to make stir-fry tofu because it's quick and easy (the theme of this blog, who knew!), and for that I generally look for fried tofu at the grocery store. Fried tofu is different than regular tofu that's firm. It actually has a brown skin around the exterior because it's been deep-fried and then packaged. So it's ready to eat.

The version I found at my local grocery store says "Hawaiian style" so I bought that because it reminds me of my childhood in Hawaii. But you can get any kind of fried tofu. They're sometimes marked "smoked." They're a lot firmer than regular tofu, which makes it easier to handle in the wok. In the recipe below, I've combined it with Chinese long bean, another favorite ingredient of mines. First, because it's so interesting to see at the food counter with the deep-green color and long beans that make you want to weave it into a hair extension! But I'll resist the temptation and instead add it to the wok. And second, because it can keep up its firmness and adds a crunch to your dish. Enjoy!

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Passionate Eater said...

Yes, thanks for reminding your readers about the viability of tofu as a Lenten alternative! And the recipe looks fantastic!