Saturday, December 02, 2006

Travel Market: Portland, Ore.

On my last day in Portland, I visited the weekly farmers' market at the campus of Portland State University. The Portland's Farmers Market attracts several booths and they've been searching for a more permanent indoor space for awhile. My sister has worked on the committee trying to find a spot that's similar to San Francisco's Ferry Building or a format like the Granville Market in Vancouver, B.C. But so far they haven't been able to come to an agreement on the right approach. So for now, the market continues to be an outdoor market. Which meant it was a cold, crisp shopping day for me. Still, it was fun seeing the fall treasures of the Northwest.

These two guys were working at this bakery's booth, and I thought it was so funny how they were so grunge working in a bakery booth. The guy on the left is even wearing a wig. They were very nice.
This is an unusual vegetable that I have never seen before. It's called a celeriac. I don't even know if I'm spelling it correct. It gets confused for celery root, but it's not. It smells great though.

It was funny how this mushroom seller placed all her chantrelle mushrooms in these baskets for sale. It was like a chantrelle buffet!
Another unusual item I saw at the Portland market was this cauliflower mushroom. It was huge!

Kids having fun listening to music at the farmers' market. Now all they need is a pile of leaves to jump onto. :)

NOTE: The farmers market ends in a couple of weeks in mid-December. It doesn't start up until spring around April. Another reason why I love living in the Bay Area where we get farmers markets year round.

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