Saturday, December 23, 2006

Still Need a Holiday Dessert?

Everyone's probably running around buying their last-minute gifts and preparing for their holiday dinners. [[Single Guy Chef, however, finished his shopping early and doesn't have any major plans for the holidays. Sigh, life as the Single Guy :( ]] If you're still struggling with an idea for a nice, simple dessert, make tiramisu!

This traditional Italian treat is one of my favorite desserts, and you all know I'm not a big dessert eater. But what I love about tiramisu is how light it feels. Of course, once you see the ingredients you'll know like any dessert, it's never light. But it sure tastes that way. And like the English trifle, tiramisu is a layered dessert with cream. My recipe is pretty straightforward so it's simple to make and you can make it in advance. (When you're looking for some of the ingredients, I've found in the Bay Area that any Italian specialty food store or Whole Foods will have virtually all you need, such as the packaged ladyfingers and marscapone cheese, which you can't get at your regular grocery store.)

Make this elegant Italian dessert for the holidays or any special dinner in the new year!

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