Thursday, January 27, 2011

Single Guy's Kitchen Renovation: Day 6

I can't imagine one day being better than the other with my renovations, but today topped yesterday's granite installation because today I got all my new appliances and it's like Christmas!

I don't know if it's just a guy thing, but I just love buying electronics or anything with buttons that I can push. I have to give a shout out to the delivery contractor hired by Lowe's, where I got all my appliances, because they were so quick and helpful, and they came way early in the two-hour window I was given. I'm always for early deliveries!

You can see that my freestanding range and refrigerator really takes up one side of my tiny kitchen. Sad huh?

And because I decided to get a normal sized oven instead of the tiny one I used to have, that means I had to make the sacrifice and get a smaller refrigerator. Luckily Lowe's sold a stainless steel one that fit nicely. But it's pretty small. I moved all the leftover items I had in my old refrigerator and it pretty much filled up the new one. (Oh, I just read the manual and it says to clean the refrigerator before putting anything in. Ooops. Do you think that was wrong? And in reading the manual for my self-cleaning oven, it says it may give off fumes that can kill birds. I don't have any birds in my apartment, but I've been known to chirp now and then. Yikes!)

I said before that I wasn't making any major changes in my renovation, just replacing all the yucky old stuff with new replacements. But one significant change I did make is that I had this microwave installed above the stove, which frees up a lot of space on my counters. Too bad my microwave got a little ding on the left side. My contractor Ron tried to hammer it down a bit, so hopefully it's not totally obvious. (Also, I don't want to peel off all the plastic covering until the renovation is totally over.)

I'm really excited about my new dishwasher from KitchenAid. Not only is it energy efficient and more quiet, but it just looks like it can hold so much more. Plus, my old one wasn't very strong and this one looks powerful. Funny how dishwashers are so expensive. This was the most expensive item of the four appliances I bought.

Ron also installed my faucet and dishwasher, so now I have running water in the kitchen. But one disappointment that some of you will understand: I noticed a scuff mark on my new porcelain faux wood tiled flooring! I don't know if it came when they were bringing in the stove or when Ron was pushing in the dishwasher. But now I notice it every time I walk in. Anyone have any suggestion on how to scrub away a scuff mark on tiles?


Anonymous said...

Did you get a range hood?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't use any abrasive sponge or cleanser on the tile. Try using goo off first on an out of the way piece of tile to make sure it doesn't stain. The scuff should come off pretty easily.

Single Guy Ben said...

I actually had a microwave hood installed. It looks so cool. And yeah, I thought about goo off just today, so going to try that once the renovations are done. Why clean it if it just gets scuffed again. Keeping fingers crossed that it'll work! Thanks for the tip.

foodhoe said...

How gorgeous is that Single Guy? What are you going to cook first?

Foodhoe said...

I forgot to ask earlier, is that an induction range?

Single Guy Ben said...

No, it's a regular electric range, but I love how it works and I like the flat surface. Does induction ranges work on electricity? It's probably too much for my budget.