Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Single Guy's Kitchen Renovation: Day 5

Wow, what a long day of renovating. And all I did was sit on my sofa watching the Australian Open.

In the meantime, it's funny how finishing the flooring and adding the granite counter tops really make the kitchen look like it's almost done. I know there's a lot of things still to do, but seeing my kitchen come closer to completion makes me totally forget how my old kitchen used to look like.

Installing the granite counter tops was my biggest concern, mostly because my tiny studio apartment has no place to cut the granite, so I had to find a company that was willing to come to my apartment to measure and then go back to the studio to cut. And that's what they did today -- all in one day! (If this was Home Depot, I would have to wait three weeks for the counter tops to be cut after being measured.)

Here's all the guck they used to glue the counter top to the plywood.

And here's my granite counter top (plus my new sink, which is slightly bigger than my old one). The granite is called "uba tuba." I totally don't know how they got the name, or what it means. But there's specks of yellow in it that I think matches my yellow walls. In a few days I'll apply the sealant on myself and then it should be ready for use.

Tomorrow: My new appliances find a home!


Anonymous said...

It's looking really good; I'm tempted to do my own kitchen; may steal your idea of the tile floor.

Still haven't figure out how to sign my comments.

agent713 said...

You must be SO excited!!! I can't wait to see what you cook in there! Have you planned your first meal yet?