Thursday, January 20, 2011

Single Guy's Kitchen Renovation: Day 1

My kitchen renovation went into full swing today with demo day. I should note, BTW, that I am not doing the renovating. I have my contractor Ron who's really the guy getting all dirty and working up a sweat doing all the work.

For me, I mostly just kept the door open when he was taking parts of my kitchen into his van to take to the dumpster. In any renovation, demo day is the messiest. Lots of broken, old, dirty parts and loud pounding and hammering.

Also, demo day is when you discover any surprises behind the appliances or underneath in the flooring. Luckily, there were no surprises in the walls that could delay the project, but the floor is a bit uneven, which didn't matter when they laid down linoleum. But for my porcelain tiles, Ron will have to do some magic to even out the flooring so that the tiles can lay flat.

Now my refrigerator is sitting where my dining table was, and my old oven and dishwasher are next to it waiting for all of them to be taken away when I get my new appliances delivered next week.

Funny how after everything's out of my kitchen, the tiny space looks even smaller. Just looking at it, I can't imagine how a range and refrigerator will fit. I guess (fingers crossed) we'll have to see next week.


Anonymous said...

Wow, looking forward to your new kitchen and pictures of repairs. Maybe I can get the name of your guy? I guess, lots of eating out reviews in the next few days!

foodhoe said...

how exciting! are you working from home for the week?

Single Guy Ben said...

Anonymous, yes, eating out a lot but most of it so far has been quick hits. But I'm already sick of eating out!

Foodhoe, yes, I took time off so I'm around when the work is being done. That's the benefit of a small kitchen -- quick turnaround. I feel bad though. My contractor is busy assembling the cabinets now and I'm just watching "Cougar Town" on my DVR.