Friday, January 21, 2011

Single Guy's Kitchen Renovation: Day 2

Today was all about painting and installing the cabinets in my tiny kitchen renovation. First off, the paint I chose was a pale yellow because I wanted something to lighten up the kitchen against the rich-colored cabinets I selected. The paint is called "peaceful calm" and I just liked the idea of feeling calm in the kitchen.

The thing is, the yellow right now doesn't look a whole lot different than the white walls I used to have. Oh well, maybe when everything's pulled together then it'll be like a nice accent color.

The cabinets took awhile for my contractor Ron to put together. By the end of the day, he got them up but still didn't get to put on the doors and handles. They'll just have to wait till next week when my renovation resumes Monday. Next major milestones are tiling the floor and waiting for the installation of the granite counter tops and delivery of the appliances. Almost guys!


FastTalkingD said...

Ben, don't be afraid to attach a cabinet door yourself! Ron can always fix it. Good luck -- you'll be so happy when everything is all done.

Foodhoe said...

Wow granite counter tops, how fabulous will that be? Still so many days to eat out until next week!