Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ode to an Empanada


Oh empanada
You are more than nada
You're filled with beef,
eggs, olives, and raisins
Sometimes spinach,
cheese or corn.

You seem easy to make
Until I start to fold you
Then your edges break.
But does it really matter?
When I hungrily eat you
with a glass of Malbec?
Baked or fried, I
prefer you baked.
Oh empanada

I was so inspired after taking a cooking class in the home of an Argentinian woman named Teresita who lives outside of Buenos Aires. It's fun to find a cooking class while traveling. You get to meet people through the common language of food.

The above empanadas were the ones we made this morning. I'll be posting a more complete report when I get back. Until then, I wanted you to meet my new best friend, Tiny, who is the family dog. She's some kind of hound, I think German? But she's so lovable. She was totally attached to me, but that may be because I fed her half of an empanada.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful setting, and a spectacular dog! A poetry blog about food, eh? Interesting possibility :-)


V.Streit said...

oh wow, it looks beautiful there. mmm Empanada....I want.

Anonymous said...

chef ben, what a great way to vacation! the pooch looks very happy hanging out with you and those empanadas sound delicious.

Anonymous said...

Chef Ben,

Can you share the recipe with us?
Dying to make empanadas.

Anonymous said...

Chef Ben, who knows who might become attached to you if you feed them those empanadas, they look delish!