Friday, October 31, 2008

Yali Pears at the Farmers’ Market

Here’s a treat for you. Last weekend at the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market in San Francisco, I saw these beautiful pears at the KJ Orchards stand. This is a type of Asian pear. But while most people are familiar with the crunchy Asian pears from Japan, these have their roots in China and are known as yali.

I thought they looked really intriguing with those long, dark stems. Just like the Asian pears from Japan, the yali pears are really crunchy. But they’re not as watery as the Japanese pears. And they’re more fragrant, with almost a banana-like perfume and taste. This is the time for fruits like apples and pears, so next time you see these pears with the long stems, give them a try.

Oh yeah, BOO!


Nate @ House of Annie said...

Nice. Thanks for the heads-up! Now we know there's a local source and don't have to worry about stuff shipped in from overseas.

Darttalker said...

Okay, I picked up some yali pears at the market a few days ago. I set them aside to see if they would ripen any further as they seemed very hard to the touch. I've been checking them daily and last night one of them seemed not quite and hard as the others. After slicing and sharing with a few friends, we all agreed that the pear was crisp and juicy, but with no flavor! How long does it take for Yali pears to ripen?

Single Guy Ben said...

Hey Dart Talk, I'm not an expert on Yali pears since I only ate them for the first time last year. But my understanding is they're similar to Asian pears, which are supposed to be eaten crisp and when they're hard like apples. It shouldn't need to soften. I guess you tell they're ripe by the color. The ones in the photo were all ready to eat at the farmers market. I think maybe you let them ripen too long, then the water content might increase that's why no flavor? If you get them at the farmers markets, they should be near ready to eat, if not already.