Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Vacation Cut Short by One Hour

Dang, I just found out that we have to set our clocks one hour ahead tonight. So really, as I'm writing this, it is nearly 2 a.m. Sunday when really it should only be 12:50. My body is now totally jacked up right before I head home. But I think I gain back the hours, don't I? I'm so confused.

So what did I do once I found out I lost an hour? I went to get a drink at the pool at my hotel. It's such a beautiful night in Buenos Aires. The last few nights have been around 50 degrees but tonight it feels like 60 degrees at night. So sitting at the pool under the stars drinking my Pisco Sour is my ultimate conclusion to a fulfilling vacation. (The Pisco Sour is the popular drink in Peru but most of South America as well; it involves egg white and hot sauce, YUM!) BTW, the picture above is not the Pisco Sour because I'm not going to carry my camera to the pool. The drink above is from dinner earlier tonight where I went to a very expensive restaurant and had a couple of specialized drink. I promise, I'll go into details very soon. ;-)

Buenos noches!

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Anonymous said...

oof that sucks when you lost time... but I agree time travel can be very confusing ;) Am very intrigued to hear all the details!