Friday, October 17, 2008

Travel Food Gallery: Mercados in Buenos Aires

Walking around this city, you'll often see these little fruits and vegetables markets, or mercados. They remind me a lot of the green grocers in New York, and not just because most of them seem to be run by Asians.

What's interesting is they display their fruits in a crate box slanted up. Sometimes before the store opens, you'll see the boxes wrapped up with plastic wrap. I still haven't really figured out the hours of the neighborhood mercado. They seem to open early in the morning then close down for lunch, then open up right before dinner time when people are going home and grabbing some fresh vegetables for dinners.

Most of the fruits and vegetables here don't seem very exotic, unlike the mercados in Spain that had all these amazing, exotic looking fruits. In Buenos Aires, it's mostly oranges, apples, bananas and artichokes. Then I remembered that the climate is very similar to Chile and we see a lot of these same fruits from Chile in our markets in the United States. So blame it on the American tastes! Ha, just kidding. Maybe it's the climate.

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Anonymous said...

Love how colorful the displays are. I'm enjoying your trip reports and can't wait to hear more detail when you return.