Sunday, July 06, 2008

Jazzy Fourth on the Streets

I capped off my Fourth of July holiday weekend today with an afternoon at the Fillmore Jazz Festival, one of the more popular street festivals in San Francisco. It was a beautiful day for some jazz and strolling the arts, and I noticed a few fun food things too.

One of the really popular booths was this Killer Baking Co. booth selling "killer brownies."

They were passing out small bits of samples of their triple chocolate brownie and mint chocolate brownie. People are crazy with the free samples. I had to squeeze in to the swarm of extended hands seeking a bit of brownie. You'd think they were magic brownies. Anywho, the triple chocolate was very moist and sweet, but you would need a cup of milk if you wanted to eat a whole bar. I ended up buying the chocolate macadamia nut brownie to take home for dessert tonight. :) The brownies ($3 each) are a nice cakey, moist, fudge-like creation. I'm sure it's not good for you with all the sugar, but it's OK once a year, right?

Gelato is a great thing to find at a street festival in the summer. Here's a cart that was from a San Francisco company with a not-so-memorable name. It was something like SF Gelato Co. or something generic like that. Right now they're only selling their organic gelato at fairs.

They sold three sorbetto flavors and five gelato, sold for $4 a cup. I got half a cup of the cantaloupe sorbetto and half of the salted caramel gelato.

The cantaloupe was kind of icy, but it had a great cantaloupe essence. I love cantaloupe flavor, so I looked passed the icy bits. The caramel was great ... very smooth and creamy and nice caramel flavor. Near the end, though, it did have an odd gritty texture on the bottom. But overall I thought it was pretty good (although I agree with you that cantaloupe and caramel are not a great pairing, but I just had to try those flavors because they're my favorites).

Here are more typical street fair food. Giant sausages (above) and grilled chicken skewers (below).

A sighting of Uncle Sam, just to wrap up this holiday weekend. Hope it was a fun one for all of you!

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Anonymous said...

The killer brownies are the best!!
Mimi McQueen