Saturday, July 05, 2008

Blossoming Summer Squash

Summer squash is pretty common around this time of year at the farmers' market, but this particular stand at the Grand Lake Farmers' Market in Oakland last Saturday caught my eye. This woman was selling squash with the blossom still in tact. That's so cool. Most people would chop it off, but since these are organic squash, I guess she wants to give you every bit of the squash. (Or is it zucchini?) The squash blossoms are so popular, especially for stuffing with cheese and deep-frying, that they're sold by itself at other stands. But if you buy it here, you get both the blossom and the squash!

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely stall! I've never seen them sold like this either and now I wonder, why chop them off? Surely that is extra effort!