Monday, March 17, 2008

The Luck of the Irish to You Finding Cabbage Today

St. Patrick’s Day always reminds me of corned beef, and even though people keep saying corned beef and cabbage is an American-made dish to celebrate the holiday (I guess along with green beer) I still love to eat this dish once a year. I mean, I am an American so it’s no skin off my back whether this is an authentic Irish dish or not.

This isn’t a dish I made from scratch. I basically visited the deli section of the Pasta Shop at the Rockridge Market Hall near my home and purchased their Niman Ranch corned beef at $19.99 a pound (O’blarney!) and I got some cabbage and steamed it instead of boiling it. I steamed it with some of the corned beef juice and did the same with the corned beef to warm it up before eating. I also served it with some roasted fingerling potatoes, of course!

I had such a hard time finding a head of cabbage that I ended up having to buy shredded cabbage in those salad pre-packs. I guess a lot of people are making corned beef and cabbage tonight! Hope you’re having a nice plate of corned beef and cabbage along with your green beer on this St. Patty’s day!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chef Ben, was it good? It sounds bland, but I didn't grow up eating it.

Single Guy Ben said...

I had mixed feelings about the Niman Ranch corned beef. The texture was great, very tender, broke up easily with my fork. But the taste was a bit bland. It wasn't totally bland, but not as salty as I typically like it. I guess that's healthier, but I figured the bland cabbage would counteract any saltiness from the corned beef. Too bad I didn't have any leftovers, though, because my favorite is corned beef hash!

Anonymous said...

ooh, yeah sounds delicious!