Monday, March 24, 2008

Food Paparazzi

When shopping at a farmers’ market, you sometimes run into local chefs, especially those who specialize in seasonal, local, fresh ingredients. Last Saturday while at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market, I noticed Chef Daniel Patterson of Coi doing some shopping.

Coi has been mentioned as among the best restaurants in publications like the New York Times and Food and Wine Magazine, but Patterson already established a name for himself in San Francisco at his previous restaurant, Elisabeth Daniel, and his past stint at Frisson. He’s also a good writer, having contributed to the Times Food Section.

You can usually pick out the chefs shopping at the market because they’re often pushing a cart filled with boxes of produce and meats. And if you really want to celebrity chef-gaze, you should hang out by the valet section on Embarcadero at the front of the Ferry Building because most chefs will often load up their goods into their cars there. (And while I do sound like a stalker, I assure you that I do not hang out at the valet waiting for chefs. Really.)

While Patterson looked vaguely familiar when I first noticed him, I wasn’t really sure until a farmer said “Hi Daniel” and I noticed his cart had containers labeled “Coi.” Still, I’m a bit shy about approaching chefs who I haven’t formally met, so instead I just channeled my inner paparazzo to shoot this photo of him. He was buying a bunch of citrus at one stand and had already loaded up on cheese, lamb, and several different types of micro greens and sprouts.

Coincidentally, I have reservations for Coi next week, which will be my first visit. I’m looking forward to tasting a dinner made with ingredients hand-picked by the chef! Coi celebrates its two-year anniversary next month.


Anonymous said...

wow, great photo. He's really handsome. Can't wait for your review of Coi. I have to go there one day myself.

David K. and Ann C.-K. said...

Hilarious photo! He looks very intense -- almost James Bondish. Can't wait to hear your recap on Coi.

Carroll said...

I had no idea that chefs would do the actual shopping for their restaurant -- makes perfect sense however, in terms of "pride of product". Am continuing to learn a lot from you, Single Guy! :-)

And yes, if you ever lose your day job I can see you have great potential as a photographer for the tabloids.

agent713 said...

That is so cool! And yeah, he is cute. Great shot.

Anonymous said...

ooh, were you there on Saturday? I was too! Yes I am anxiously waiting to read what you think about coi. Are you doing the tasting menu with the aromatherapy?