Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Easter Pappardelle with Lamb

For some of you who might be new to this blog (welcome, I’m happy to see my readership growing every week!), just a reminder that I’m a single guy and I like to make quick-and-easy dishes. Being single, it also means I don’t always have really big family dinners for the holidays (my family is in Hawaii).

Easter is this Sunday, and it’s one of those holidays that sneaks up on me (and it’s especially early this year) and I often have no major plans for it. That means I’m also just eating what I normally might eat for dinner, nothing especially special or Easter-like.

So if you’re in the same boat like me where you don’t have an invitation for a big Easter dinner, then you might want to try my lamb pasta below. I thought I’d come up with a pasta dish (because they’re easy to make) and add some spring ingredients. Lamb is a given because it’s a big part of Easter dinners at most families, so I cut up some strips of lamb and tossed it with asparagus ribbons (also very spring like) and some cherry tomatoes (because they were on sale at Trader Joe’s and I think the spot of color is festive). Enjoy!


^chinfatt^ said...

Hello, do you mind if I link you up.

Single Guy Ben said...

Sure, link away! ;-)