Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Color My Cauliflower With Curry

I recently decided to make my cauliflower soup, but I was getting bored of the white cream as the end result. To spice it up, literally, I added curry. So the following is my quick and easy recipe for curry cauliflower soup. What’s nice about this soup is the slight heat from the curry really warms me up during this fall-going-into-winter season. (We’re already getting rain in the Bay Area. I know, we need it, but still. Brrrr.)

And for the holiday season, I thought it’ll be fun to dress up my curry cauliflower soup with some fresh pomegranates seeds. The pomegranate I got had a lot of juice (and yes, I had to be super careful breaking it apart because it was splashing everywhere) and the red ruby jewels looked nice against the pale yellow soup. So the photo above shows the holiday version of the soup, and the photo below is when I garnished with toasted pine nuts for the times when pomegranates are not in season. Enjoy!


Chubbypanda said...

Raw minced garlic is pretty punchy too.

Unknown said...

very nice looking with the pomegranate