Friday, December 14, 2007

The Root to Loving Beets

Today I’m cooking with beets, one of my favorite things to eat but not to cook. If you’ve worked with beets, you know what I mean. It takes a while to cook for it to get tender, and you have to deal with getting the skin off. Plus, the beets give off so much coloring that it can stain your fingers and everything around you.

But when you bite into a sweet, tender beet … Oh. My. Gawd. You feel like the work is all worth it.

Last year I made a beet salad that got a lot of raves from you all. This year I wanted to make another salad, but because it was cold outside, I wanted to make something comforting. So whenever I think of comfort I think potatoes. I threw in some treviso because I’m so enamored by its color (keep in mind this can be a bitter green, or really, magenta) and mixed everything together in a creamy dressing. This makes a nice snack but I bet it could also be a scrumptious dinner salad if you threw in some lump crab meat! Yum. Enjoy!

FYI, the photo above aren't the golden beets I used for the salad. They're some red beets I saw a the Berkeley Downtown Farmers Market. They looked so wild with their long roots.

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