Friday, December 28, 2007

I Ate The Whole Thing

I'm off from my day job this week, so that means I get to visit with friends who are home for the holidays and go to my favorite food places and avoid the lines. Yesterday, I had lunch with my friend Sylvia from New York and we walked around the Mission District in San Francisco afterwards. So of course we went to Tartine Bakery and even though there was a line, it was no where near the typical weekend lines snaking out the door. I ended up getting the above Banana Cream Pie (small individual size for $5.50). It was actually a lot but I ate the whole thing. There were slices of bananas in the filling and the cream was so light and airy. The only thing was the crust, while flakey, was a bit tough to break apart with a fork because of the chocolate layer. Dang chocolate! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Where'd you have lunch w/ Sylvia & was it any good? That banana cream pie looks really good.

Single Guy Ben said...

We had lunch at Mission Beach Cafe. I'll probably post about it next week. :)

Anonymous said...

did you get the's yummy there.