Saturday, December 22, 2007

Show-stopping Chiles at Tierra Vegetables

I didn’t have time to post this photo earlier, but I figured you’re all probably still doing your Christmas shopping so you won’t have time to visit the farmers market anyway. So as always, I bring it to you!

I snapped this photo of these beautifully brilliant chiles hanging at the Tierra Vegetables stand at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco last Saturday. The color was so amazing it literally stopped me in my tracks. Tierra always has such unusual chiles for sale that I can always count on its stand for a beautiful shot. I don’t think these chiles were for sale, just a way to attract buyers (and it worked). They were hanging over these bottled jars of the Rojo chile jam. While the jams were this beautiful bright red color, it was a bit too hot for me. Even though I like spicy food, it was just a tad too much. But maybe you’ll like it. You should try out their chile jams next time you’re at the Ferry Building on a Saturday. It’ll definitely perk you up on a gray morning.

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